Idle Inventory Solutions

We'll buy your OEM Parts, Accessories, NonRIM, Surplus or Returns.

  • Send Us A CSV

    Send us a list of your Idle, Obsolete, Non RIM or non returnable OEM parts, accessories or aftermarket parts.

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  • We Make an Offer

    We'll go through your inventory and either offer to buy an entire lot or select specific parts.

  • Prompt Payment

    We'll pay before you need to ship.

  • We Cover The Freight

    We'll have you load up the parts on pallets or crates and we'll send a freight carrier to pick them up at our expense.

Clean Out Old Non Returnable OEM Parts

Hey there, my name is Alec Larson and I specialize in selling OEM inventory online. I help automotive dealerships and parts retailers sell their idle inventory by purchasing it physically and selling it myself via online marketplaces.

If you are a parts manager or dealership with an excel sheet of idle or obsolescent inventory give me a call or shoot me an email. If you are in the southeastern united states I am even able to pick up.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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